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Special Thanks To Those Who Have Helped Us On Our Journey

Vibrant Faith

Reconciliation can be tough! Sometimes you have to be willing to take risk, make sacrifices, and actively partner with someone in an unfamiliar lane. Thanks to Dr. Nancy Going, Rick Lawrence, and the Vibrant Faith team for opening up their platforms to include Reachable Reconciliation!

Dr. Brian Hull

To my great friend and Professor, Dr. Brian Hull for being instrumental in helping to lay the early foundation of RR, to Co-Author the first RR digital download resource, and for being a continued advocate for diversity and reconciliation – Thank you brother!


Dr. Brian Hull, Asbury College, Professor


Dr. Efrem Smith

Much love to Dr. Efrem Smith, my a mentor, a pastor, a forerunner in navigating diversity/reconciliation platforms, and a great friend!


Dr. Efrem Smith, Midtown Church, Co-Pastor


Chris Cox

To my partner and co-laborer in RR, Chris Cox, I am beyond grateful for your friendship and your daily wisdom! Thank you for all of your continued sacrifices in sharing the load on this journey!


Chris Cox, Back2Back Ministries, Director


Jane Angha

Most people do not realize how important it is to set the environment for people to feel welcome as soon as they enter into a space. Jane Angha is the best at teaching teams how to incorporate hospitality into the culture of organizations. Thank you for leading volunteer staff for RR!


Jane Angha, Ministry Blueprints, Founder

First Fortune Marketing

Grateful for having the best web design company creating and managing the RR site! And they’re local! If you want a company that’s committed to you and your business check them out.


Matt Smith