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Fred is a successful coach and consultant who focuses on growth, change and understanding. His ability to connect with people, listen deeply, assess and problem solve are skills sought after by churches, academia and corporations. Fred believes that each group he consults with has solutions within their grasp. He works closely with teams and individuals to address issues, uncover possibilities, find pathways to solutions and empowers change.

Consultation is a great way to address immediate issues, form long term plans and work toward cultural change. From youth workers, ministry leaders, professors, pastors and executive leadership – Fred approaches consulting by building relationships first. To see if consultation is right for your setting, you can easily start the booking process by completing the form at the bottom of the page.

Fred is positioned to help your company, leadership team, faculty, students, event attendees, or church with their journey toward reachable reconciliation.

Consulting options

Weekly, bi-weekly with leaders, teams, volunteers, staff

Monthly, bi-monthly with leaders, teams, volunteers, staff

One day workshops with leaders, teams

Week-long retreat for leaders, teams

Ongoing – retainer – use as needed in various settings, teams, levels of leadership

Customize – meet with Fred to create a format that will work for you, your workplace, your staff

Flexible – in person, virtual, hybrid


Diversity in the workplace

Creating a diverse and equitable work culture

Staff development

Creating culture shifts and change

Leading with cultural competency