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Wherever you are right now, imagine reaching your arms out to your co-workers, neighbors, and family. Are you living unified, peaceful relationships with everyone within reach?

Reachable Reconciliation is a collaborative effort to live in reconciled relationships in families, neighborhoods, cities, and nations. As a community of people from all walks of life, education, background, denomination, color and ethnicity, this diverse community has something in common – we dream of a world that is inclusive, informed, empowered and just. Longing for a world where people see beyond differences we look for things we hold in common. Founded by Fred Oduyoye in 2018, the vision of Reachable Reconciliation was birthed from countless invitations to guide communities, churches, and organizations toward racial equity. As Fred led these conversations, he recognized that racial division was only one of many ways people experience disparity. Reachable Reconciliation offers a 5 phase strategy to build relationships over a sea of division.

At the heart of Reachable Reconciliation  is the belief that every person has been created in the image and likeness of God. This implies an assurance of being inherently good, holy and loved. That understanding encourages having tough conversations, personal reflection, reaching toward understanding and reconciliation with others. Empowering families and communities to work toward equity and justice takes commitment. The Reachable Reconciliation The RR community has a number of ways to get connected; coaching, consulting, resources, group sessions, workshops, seminars and customized settings. We believe that reconciliation begins in our own hearts and from there – touches every part of society – family, work, community and the world! You are invited to be a part of the RR community!